"Although I paid the bills and managed the day-to-day budgeting, I was not involved in the investment or management of our savings and retirement – the “big picture” finances.  My former husband has a PhD in a financial field, so it seemed both natural and reasonable that he should take charge of those areas.  This worked well until we began divorce proceedings, and I realized how foolish I had been to completely hand over control of our finances. I worried about my financial future – would I be able to afford to take vacations with my children, or even eat out regularly with friends?

Divorce is an inherently difficult, emotional, and stressful process, and in addition I felt I was at a particular disadvantage as our assets were being divided. I had no knowledge of the funds or vehicles where our money was held. My attorney suggested I reach out to Monica at Northeast Divorce Settlement Consultants.   Working with Monica leveled the playing field; I had someone on my side who knew as much about finance as my former husband. She was able to help me understand which assets would be most helpful moving forward and develop a plan for mediation.

My current financial situation is comfortable, and this is due in no small part to Monica’s expertise." -- C.F., client of NDSC

"Finances aren't top of mind when we take the plunge into divorce.  And yet, the emotions that come up when you face the unknown of your future and how you'll be "ok" are terrifying.

For two decades, like many married women, I was in the dark about our money: “I just want a fancy car and money to go back to school.”  I only thought of the immediate future and my next chapter.  If I had even the slightest sense of financial literacy, I would have never said those things.
Monica sat with me through four brutal mediations.  I can't begin to describe how fortunate this was for me.  Fast forward to now, I have a Master’s degree, an amazing career, and a plan.  A real plan.  As the architect of my future financial life, she helped me face the necessary but less than fun things:  Estate planning experts, tax specialists, and the support needed for big purchases.  
There is great power in choice, and I am grateful that I chose Northeast Divorce Settlement Consultants to guide me through that bridge from a financially dependent wife to a sovereign and financially secure woman." -- K.C., client of NDSC

“I was very blind to money, having had no access or knowledge to "family money" and living off my own wages. You helped me because you were a very positive energy, a support system who was on my side. You developed a relationship. I trusted you. You stated what you needed from me clearly. You could see numbers and their meanings clearly. You were very organized. Also, I was pretty sure my ex would try to screw me over at the mediation, so I wanted someone who was willing to look out for my best interests financially. You were willing! (BTW, there was such a positive energy in that room!).”  -- S.A., client of NDSC